It's been a while.

Mon, 12/09/2019 - 18:25

It's been a whirlwind here at the bindery so there's a lot of news. My home office is also where 90% of the bookbinding takes place and with the donation of some awesome industrial shelving from my friend Di all the book bits have a well-organized home.

Did you see the new site? 

While we're talking about new and pretty, the website is fresh and new. Are you here now? This news goes out to my email list and my social networks, hit reply and tell me where I found you!

The site is not yet mobile optimized… give us a week or so, but it looks pretty sweet on a computer. Check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks to my partner in crime for 25 years, Dave, for his months of hard work!

Back to back shows Feminist Flea Market and JC Oddities Market

This weekend I spent Saturday at the Feminist Flea Market & Craft Show in their fresh new Philly location at Bok! I've been happily a part of this amazing show since the beginning. 1800 people came through supporting over 100 vendors and raising $6,000 for WOAR.

Then I headed up to Jersey City for my first Jersey City Oddities Market: An Odd Holiday
– a goth shopping delight. Such a great crowd and vendors.

Finally taught a class in the Philly area!

I was so happy to be asked to teach a class for PhilCon 2019. It was a quick hour so it was a variation of my 8 Easy Pieces class. We did a pamphlet bound book, a z-fold dual pamphlet book, and the printmaker's and zine creator's favorite the "8-pager".

Cures & Curses

Looks like my newest product is a hit! For a while I had been wanting to make a scroll book as historically it's one of the earliest book structures, but couldn't figure out how to not squish them – a problem our ancestors solved with elaborate cases, and by moving on to folded structures like the accordion/concertina book. I finally decided to make mini message in a bottle scrolls. A lot of customers liked them, and a lot wanted something that wasn't blank.

With some help from my friend Jono, the Cures & Curses were born. They're lighthearted curses and silly cures inside and instructions on how to distribute and use wrapped around the outside. 

Cures & Curses! Mild cures and silly curses conveniently packaged and ready to distribute scrolls stashed in a small glass bottle – breakable in emergencies.

A photo of some recent Coptic bound books. From upper left: Victorian skulls, black and white trees, bats & ravens, cobwebs, zombie pinup girl, and x-ray skeleton.