The Copier & Beyond

In this class we'll learn the classic pamphlet binding and explore a variety of techniques to customize books and other paper crafts. This class is perfect for zine makers, artists, teachers, and anyone looking for fast, clever ways to make your creations stand out.

Photo copy transfer: Learn how to transfer black and white copies with blender pens and wintergreen oil. This technique allows you to add imagery to papers and books that can't be run through a printer or copier.

Hinged Hardcover Stab Bound Photo Album

This beautiful hardcover album is excellent for binding single sheets together making it a perfect structure for photo albums. Perfect for photographers, printmakers or anyone who wants an easy to sequence single sheet hardcover book.

Brag Book with Piano Hinge Spine

This unique photo album is perfect to showcase a small group of photographs or to display other flat treasures. The pages are sewn onto an accordion spine and held together with a removable dowel.When the dowel is removed, the book expands and can reveal a secret image or poem.

Stab Bound Trio

Stab binding or stitched binding dates back to 1000 C.E. China, with the oldest documented structure featuring the butterfly pattern. This binding was common in Korea, Japan, and Vietnam. In this class you'll learn three traditional stab binding structures and have a trio of soft cover notepads to take home.

This structure is especially suited for binding single sheets of paper, so they're easier to design and sequence.

Tunnel Book

It's a book. It's a dioarama! It's both! In this class you'll make both a maquette and a completed tunnel book. Tunnel books are single sheets bound on both edges with accordion folds. This book folds flat but expands into a 3D scene. From wikipedia:


You will never buy another portfolio again after taking this class. We will create a portfolio designed to hold 8x10 photos. 

8 easy books

A great  class for writers, artists, poets, designers, teachers, and anyone else interested in producing multiple copies of short run, hand made books. Create 8 fast, easy to bind books and gather them all up in a softcover case. 

  • Standard Pamphlet book
  • C-fold pamphlet
  • Z-fold pamphlet
  • Gate fold pamphlet
  • 3 signature pamphlet/faux longstitch
  • 8 page
  • 16 page spiral
  • 16 page zig zag
  • Softcover case

Carousel book

Take this circular, sculptural book for a spin! When the covers are placed back to back on a self standing book, it becomes a beautiful structure. This carousel book, also called a star book because of it's distinctive shape, consists of two nested accordion folds with cut out layers that create a series of 3D scenes. We will make one model book so that you have a reference book and we'll create one final book using your own or provided images. Because of the diorama windows, this book is great for telling a short story.

Jacob's Ladder

Create a fun vintage inspired toy using  bookbinding techniques! The Jacob's Ladder is a 2,000 year old Chinese toy that has wonderful applications for contemporary books. This book can stand up, but is most fun to watch the illusion of the panels falling down.

Coptic stitch duo

In this class you will create a dynamic duo of coptic bound journals. One to keep and one to give away – if you can bear to part with either. Coptic binding originated in 2nd century Egypt, and they are my favorite for drawing, journaling, and collage work because they can lay completely flat. Two books approximately 4.25 x 5.5 inches with decorative paper covers.